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Excited to Earn My Degree

I have been wondering if I should go back to school for a while. I know that it takes a certain level of commitment, time and money. But, after talking to enough people who either regret not going back to school for a better education or say they still want to go back to school, I finally realized it is now or never. I realized that there is no point to keep putting off doing something that will help me get a better job and income. Everyday that I put off bettering my life, is just another day where I feel less satisfied with my life. I know I deserve to wake up everyday feeling happy and content with the life I am living.

I am excited to go back to school and earn a degree because I know that it will help me get a really good job and earn good money. I know I deserve to earn a better living. I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I am tired of feeling like other people have a better life than I do. I want to be a person that other people aspire to be more like, not the other way around. This is part of the reason why I am excited to go back to school. I know that getting my degree will put me in a really good position to finding and landing a really good career for a really good company. Who knows, maybe I will decide to even open my own company and be in complete control of my future and my earnings.

I am looking forward to thinking about all the things I can have with a degree. I know that having a good job will also mean that I will be earning good money. I know that the more money I make the more financial freedom I will have. I will be able to go on fun vacations with friends and family. I will not have to worry about the cost of buying gifts for loved ones. Paying my bills will be stress free. Having a really good job and good income will just improve my life overall.

When I see other people who have their degrees or certificates framed in their offices I always think about what it will be like to have my degree hanging on the wall in my future office. I know it will be an amazing feeling. I know it will earn me the respect of my co-workers and loved ones. I know it will fill me with a sense of accomplishment. I know people will just see me differently. I am so excited just thinking about it. I am tired of feeling like I am not doing anything with my life. I am tired of feeling like I am wasting time in a job that does not pay me enough. I am so excited to go back to school and earn my degree!

How I maximize my online career

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No Products to Store or Ship – When I was in the furniture business, we pay a lot of money for maintain the warehouse. It is even worse when we ship THOUSANDS of items all over the world. We pay huge amount of money for doing it. Every time when I think about it, I feel headache.

But doing business online, on the other hand, you don’t have to store or ship a thing when you sell downloadable digital products.Everything you sell is delivering electronically. You do not have to deal with the production, suppliers, warehousing, customer’s complaints, and packing or shipping.

Tax Advantages

One of the reasons many people start a business is to take advantage of tax benefits they are going to gain.

The same principle applied to my online business, once I start to do business on the Internet, I can deduct the cost (or a percentage) of my computer, Internet connection, home office and other tools that related to the business.

Example, I bought computer and computer is own by me, because I started my online business so now I can get some of my expenses back.

Market Reach

The web is one big neighborhood, and we are after all the global marketplace. My online business has the opportunity to reach a motivated global marketplace at the push of a button!

It can reach to hundred of thousands of people while I am asleep, or on holiday, or when I go out for a walk. My business will run automatically 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, non-stop.

How many people will visit the Mom-and-Pop corner brick and mortar store in a month? Not that many, right.


Start an online business gives me a lot of freedom. I can do what I want and when I want. I can do that because my business is on autopilot.

Some of my sites linked to affiliated companies, they fully automated to take orders, send out order confirmation, thank you notes with instructions for downloading the products.

With minimal preparation, I can literally walk away from my business for week at a time, and I do not have to worry about anything.

What other occupation pays you when you are not there?

Okay, this is a small part of why I like to do business online.

If you have not started one, I urge you do it now!

If you have a full-time job, you can do it after your office hour. It will not cost you much time to get started.

If you are a stay at home Mom, online business is perfect for you, you can work on it after send your kids to school. You can make some extra pocket money by just working 2-3 hours a day.

If you are a stay at home retiree, you are looking for a stimulating activity and / or need extra cash. Online business is right for you.

In my humble opinion, the best part of doing business online is the freedom to choose your own course and pursue your potential. To me – that is LIVING!

Personal Take On Academics

As an institution, academics has the potential to unlock new opportunities for students in any environment. There are a range of resources for those interested in improving on their academic success rate. It does put the onus on educators and students to succeed on an all new level.

From my perspective, education is a worthwhile experience for students hoping to achieve new successes. Academics actually comprises a diverse field that is difficult to encapsulate. I believe that institutions have to actively promote the fields that will deliver high levels of success. Educators may express their belief in universal education that appeals to people from all backgrounds. But I think that students themselves have to proactively develop an interest in education as a whole.

Education leads to success on multiple levels for those that have attained respectability from their peers. I’ve seen results from those who put in enough effort to make something out of their lives. The environment itself presents a substantial challenge for those that are left unaware. Students have to take the initiative when it comes to studying and preparing for different tests.

I always look back fondly on my years in the educational system. It offered a unique chance to improve my understanding of the world around me at all times. The system also laid down challenges that wouldn’t be found in any other setting. Some students may wish to apply for different programs that will uniquely appeal to their interests across a broad spectrum. Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis until a decision is reached by those in the know.

From my perspective, it is worthwhile to keep students in the loop about how different programs are ranked. National academics is a political landscape fraught with challenges on a number of levels. Ranking agencies structure their criteria based on unique objectives from students interested in learning. Opinions are handed down by expert educators across different levels of instruction. Students can offer their support before they file through a network of resources.

I advocate a few different sources of academics available to those interested. A degree from an accredited college or university is always one of the best options for people. Academic institutions promote services that will improve the educational level of students across the country.

But my preferences also lean towards getting a certificate in some kind of trade or other background. Skills will elevate trades to a new level and help put people in lines of valuable employment. My own background varies based on the educational output on the part of those interested. Trades give people an identity that remains with them for some time. There are selective fields that admit new professionals based on their performance during routine training sessions.

Cost of education was always at the forefront of how I handled different projects. Academics has to be promoted by those who are interested in its preservation. I believe that skills have to be handed down generation after generation by those in the know.

What Happens Before Surgery

When patients and their surgeon determine a patient needs to have surgical treatment the only things they hear and see is the surgeon, what the surgeon says to them, the date and time of the upcoming surgery, x-rays and laboratory tests that need to be done and arrive to the hospital to be admitted and prepared for their surgery.

This is only a small part of what happens before any surgery. As a former sterile processing technician I learned hands on every area of sterile processing. The first area I worked in was the linen pack room. There were different types of surgical material that had to be folded a certain way and checked for holes that had to be patched before being put into a linen pack.
There were a variety of certain linen packs from very small to very large and the material had to be placed in specific areas, with a proper sterilizing strip, wrapped tightly up in special sterilizing paper, held together with blue sterilizing tape and the name of the package, date and your initials written on the tape to be sterilized and ready for surgery.

The other departments I worked in were the decontamination area, where all dirty surgical instruments were sent down to be sorted and run through the washer, while the case carts were run through a special washer of their own, dried off and sent to the clean side for the case cart person to fill the clean case carts for the next day cases.

The surgical instruments arrived over to the clean side where sterile processing personal would put the different sets together using the proper list and placing each item in the properly prepared pan and marking off each item as it was placed in the pan. The surgical sets are wrapped with the same blue sterilizing paper and blue tape as the linen packs are wrapped.

To understand the ins and outs of why things were done in a certain way I and my work mates were encouraged to study for our sterilization certificate. We learned why linen packs and surgery sets had to be prepared a certain way. Why certain surgical instruments were steam sterilized and others were gas sterilized. We learned about flash sterilization and being able to have our own books to bring to work helped myself and others to study together.

After I took the certification course and passed the test my work did not change, but my understanding of my work and why I did things a certain way was easier for me to understand. Working as a sterile processing technician was a remarkable journey that I would recommend anyone to become certified in this line of work.